Albe or Nunzio, who eliminated the friends of 2022? / Todaro dancer exit

Nunzio is the elimination of the evening of the seventh of Amici 2022

It’s time to find out who he is Elimination of the evening of the seventh of Amici 21. Nunzio and Albee return home after their jury performance, ready to see which one he’s going to have to leave. Also this time, Nunzio is convinced to get out but says he’s proud of his work: “This time I’m calm, I’m phenomenal, I’m so strong! Who would have expected it to get this far!” Alone in the garden with Serena, Albee also reflects on his path: “Of course I would like to stay but I am happy with what I have done. But I would like to reach the end with you, it will be a dream”says to his girlfriend.

A few minutes later, here’s the voice of Maria de Filippi breaking into the house to announce this week’s elimination: “This time you didn’t make it Nunzio, everyone will miss you!” host admits. Therefore, Nunzio is eliminated on the seventh evening. (Updated by Anna Montesano)

Luigi is also at risk of disqualification with Nunzio and Albee at Amici 21

We reach the third temperature of Evening of 7th Amici 2022 The challenge that opened the episode is repeated: the challenge between Zerbe Celentano and Todaro Kocarini. But the result this time is the other way round: a win for the Kokatodo with their team and a double performance by Sisi against Michel, repeated due to Emmanuel Filiberto’s reluctance to assign the point.

So both Luigi and Michele ended up at the center of the study, and the last remaining in the race for the team. Unpublished for Luigi, Michele’s classic choreography repertoire. To beat the jury and salvation is the dancer. So, Luigi goes to the final elimination ballot with Nunzio and Albe but he will be the first to save himself. Albee and Nunzio would end up at home. (Updated by Anna Montesano)

Nunzio and Albee, the first to finish the ballot on the evening of 7th Amici 2022

The first two races show us the temporarily eliminated players who will face off in the final part of Evening of 7th Amici 2022. The first match was played by Celentano Zerbe and Todaro Kocarini and won by the first. In the center of the studio are Alex, Serena, and Nunzio who perform before the jury that decides to send Nunzio back to the final ballot. Thus, the second round is played by Zerbe and Celentano, who this time decided to challenge Piparini and Bettinelli.

The former takes the second win and ends up with Albe and Dario in the middle of the study, leaving the latter two in the race for the team. The jury decides to send the ballot against the ambassador Sunrise. This is the singer’s first time. (Updated by Anna Montesano)

Nunzio and Albee in the 2022 Amici ballot

new Amici Evening Ballot 2022. there Episode 7, who is anticipating the semi-finals of Amici 21 next week, only one will be eliminated and, as always, will be chosen at the end of the poll between two students. We remind you that, unlike the first bets, there will be not two eliminations but only one, which will be chosen from among the three temporary bets that were eliminated in each round.

Thus, the usual final challenge for Amici 21 on stage would be three, then a student in danger would be rescued by the jury and only two would play for the place. But who were the three students who ended up on the ballot on the evening of the 7th on Amici 21? It is located around Luigi from Celentano Zerbi’s team; Sunrise, Piparini Bettinelli team; And ambassador, From the Todaro-Cuccarini team. If Nunzio is now a regular, Nunzio and Albe will be the first final ballot and, therefore, decisive for elimination. But which of them will have to leave Talent tonight?

Alp or Nunzio who was eliminated on the evening of the 21st Amici

Let’s start by saying that according to the previews, the first to save himself is Luigi. Albee and Nunzio Therefore, it is the students who challenge each other Amici 2022 Final Ballot. Also this time the remover will be revealed in the house, at the end of the episode. At the end of the qualifiers, all the students will be sent home and there Maria de Filippi will reach out at the end of the jury vote to announce the name of the new who has been eliminated from the evening 21 Amici. But among the two students I had to leave school and compete? Tonight there is no particular progression in the elimination, therefore, twists and turns, like last week, cannot be ruled out. Will Nunzio also be able to save himself against Albee or will he really have to say goodbye to Amici 2022 tonight?

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