A passion for rock, at the Druso evening dedicated to the artists of “Rivertale Production”

Ranica. A special event for rock fans is scheduled to be held in Druso. The date is Thursday, April 21 with Rivertal Night Livean evening dedicated to the artists of “Rivertale Production”, a prestigious label based in Pavia.

It will be possible to attend a trio concert, starting at 10 pm: on stage they will perform Andrea Van Cleef And Diego Butron, The Landis And Sirius.

first artists, Andrea Van Cleef And Diego Butron, “Safari Station” will present their first watched album together on tape for the first time. The project was anticipated by the grim blues folk song “Rise Above All Gods”, and was released on July 9, 2021 by Rivertale Productions.

“Safari Station” was born from the idea Paolo Bagetti, head of the Rivertale Productions label, who decided to unite two artists of his brand on a joint record, entrusting production to a producer with an international approach, a guarantee, such as Don Antonio Gramentieri. The new album features an electro-acoustic sound, full of echo and a racy “cinematic” vibe, “true detective” in some songs, and psychedelic and visionary in others. It is divided between four songs written by Diego Butrone most related to the idea of ​​”American” songwriting namely “500 Miles”, “Rising Above All Gods”, “Gang Boys”, “Kai Zansett” and Four. Written by Andrea Van Cleef with freer, more psychedelic experimental structures: “You and I were born for better things,” “You can’t hide your love away,” “Mozilla,” “The Blues Spider”; A song written by both musicians (the title track, with a particularly emotional script, connected to the recent death of Andrea’s mother) and an unexpected cover of “In Zaire” by Johnny Wakelin, a popular disco-rock hit of the 1970s, revised this time into folk-afrobeat key, with a swirling rhythmic African structure Also in other parts of the disc and ends almost at an odd time.

The styles of Andrea Van Cleef and Diego Butron come from the same world, but maintain two different identities, which remain identifiable in a rattle, but at times mix and influence each other, thanks to the excellent productive work of Don Antonio and the robotic plots of Piero Perelli and Nicolas Pirosch, two of the The most famous men of the course in our country, who took part in disc recordings. The cover of “Safari Station” is the work of Luca Boldemjo, who deliberately came up with a concept referring to circus posters in the early 20th century, to represent the surreal dimension of the disc atmosphere.

The Landis It is a Bergamo band with Brescia influences, composed by Andy Brevi (vocals and guitars), Max Sioca (lead guitar), Gigi Dambra (drums), Giorgio Vignoli (bass). Their roots lie in the most disparate genres, from classic rock to country rock, from American folklore to psychedelic psychedelic, giving shape to a particular sound that they always try to carry on without setting limits to the genre. Their songs speak of lived experiences, they come to terms with the present and wish for a better future than what reality determines. Their music is “music from another country”, they always try to transport the listener to unknown territories, to separate him from real life.

They will propose a collection of unpublished works that will be part of their first studio work, scheduled for next winter.

Sirius is the pseudonym of Albriccia singer-songwriter Antonio Gilioli, born in 1995; Passionate about composer music, his influences range from alternative, to rock, to folk, to top Italian and foreign songwriters. By fusing the power of electric sounds with the sonic songwriting parts, the themes of lyrics find ample space for expression on a journey that narrates personal experiences, inner struggles, and considerations about the surrounding world. The artist performs as a one-man band (acoustic guitar, vocals, and harmonica) who establishes the lineup of songs and covers inherent in the songwriting genre, yet also owns an entire lineup with which he proposes more electric live groups based on the arrangement chosen in your self-produced disc. The debut album “Cronache Siderali” was recorded at Glotoneria Studio (Montichiari, BS) by Riccardo Frigoni and Cesare Madrigali and is proud of Bruno Bonarrigo’s participation in some of the songs (ex-guitarist of Andrea Paglianti, Ettore Giuradei and currently a band member from Cisco). A disc of ten songs arranged and written with complete independence with the support of the rhythmic component of Stefano Doninelli (cahon, drums). Singer Myriam Morey appears in three songs, and she dedicates herself to choruses and harmonies.

Tickets will be available at the entrance
In accordance with anti-Covid regulations, the venue can be accessed with a reinforced green lane and an FFP2 mask.

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