A Few of Yellow: Rocket Punch’s Formula to Conquer the K-Pop World

Rocket Punch’s latest comeback with CHIQUITA was a real hit for these girls who are back with their fourth EP, “Yellow Punch”. Made up of members Yeonhee, Juri, Suyun, Yunkyeong, Sohee, and Dahyun, the group born under Woolim Entertainment and globally managed by MJ Tonz has shown a bright and vibrant side with CHIQUITA. “Yellow Punch” is the fourth producer in Rocket Punch’s Color Collection which started with their first mini album “Pink Punch”. The group, since its inception, has been able to show off new sides as ever, from the racy “Pink Punch” to the hip and down-to-earth teenage “Red Punch”, to the refreshing “BluePunch”.

Panorama.it had the opportunity to chat with them.

The last time we spoke was when she released the acoustic version of “Ring Ring.” Now I’m back with a new album and a song with a completely different feel. Can you tell us more about the Yellow Punch?

Hello panorama. Hello Kitchi! Nice to meet you all! Finally, Rocket Punch is back with Yellow Punch. Inspired by the fashion shows, we are ready to show you our growth. (He laughs)

In Korean culture, the color yellow means developing self-awareness as a starting point for expanding the mind. Is there anything you want to achieve like Rocket Punch?

Jury: I want to win first place in music shows that we haven’t done yet.
SUYUN: Starting with Yellow Punch, we hope it will be a starting point for us to meet more people. Let’s hope it’s an album where we can settle into the hearts of more people.

I think yellow will have a huge impact on Rocket Punch’s life in the future. If you had to choose now, which shade of yellow would represent you best?

Yeonkyung: I think the yellow color that expresses me best is pastel yellow! Many people use crayons when drawing! I want to express myself freely and differently, regardless of concept and appearance.
Sohui: Mango…my favorite yellow fruit.

Let’s talk about the concept of this album. Rocket Punch is like women of fashion who are ready to revolutionize the industry. What kind of influence do you think you have on K-Pop right now?

Yunhee: I think Rocket Punch still has things to learn. Now I feel like a runner ready to run, waiting to hear the starting signal!
SUYUN: We throw a punch in our boring daily life. Like we said, we’re working hard to keep K-Pop fresh, and I think we’ll be able to do that in the future! But what is clear is that Rocket Punch has a lot of things to do with performing in K-pop, and they will continue to work hard and grow!

This is back in fashion. As an Italian journalist who lives at the heart of the fashion industry, I have a question: What are the must-have accessories?

Gauri: I’m very interested in fashion, but I think the color is the point, not the article!
Dahyun: I often wear hats and necklaces. I love the trendy and comfortable feel of hats, and I always wear the necklace my mom gave me.

CHIQUITA is a song that combines the retro feel of disco and European dance of the 80s. What did you think when you first heard this song?

Yunhee: Chiquita Chiquita. The chirping was so inviting that I kept humming. (He laughs)
Eunkyung: At first, it was so impressive that it got taller and longer from start to finish, then I found myself humming “chiquita chiquita ma” while I was walking down the street without realizing it. Wow, I can still think of this song! That’s what I thought!

Since your debut, you have released four mini albums. Pink, red, blue and yellow are all unique colors. Can you tell us the difference between your debut album Pink Punch and Yellow Punch?

SUYUN: Pink Punch is like our beginning. Hey, we’re Rocket Punch! This album contains our different colors with the feeling that there is not the same yellow on this album but there are many different shades of a group that has grown a lot since its inception.
Sohui: I think there’s a huge difference in being more self-aware.

If you had to describe this album in 3 words, what word would you use?

YUNKYOUNG CONFIDENT! Psychological! Platform!
Dahyun: I want to express “Yellow Punch” in three words: unexpected beauty, effort, and growth.

In addition to yellow and its shades, what color do you think describes you the most and why?

Gauri: Red! When I have dark colors, I think red is the color that expresses my personality which I like to have fun and work hard.
Group: White! I think white is the most versatile color that can show what people express and feel. Whatever color you paint, the color will be engraved the same! We will show you our magic. haha

Finally, can you leave a message for the fans?

SUYUN: Ketchy, you’ve been waiting for the return of Rocket Punch! We are finally back with Yellow Punch! As much as we missed you, we worked hard on this album, so let’s all be happy! I hope you can dye the world yellow with us! I miss you so much! Please always look forward to us!
Eunkyung: Kichi, thank you for waiting for us so long! We collect a lot of happy and funny memories together. Thanks always and I love you!


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