A book about the artist Corrado Levi

Who is Corrado Levi? And why is your artistic practice one of the most interesting on the Italian scene? The answers are in the book published by Electa

Corrado Levi
Corrado Levi

Corpses It is the title of the volume published by Electa thanks to Monica Botani, founder and director of the Galleria Ribot. Luca Massimo Barbero, Pepe Venese, Damiano Giulo and Maria Villa compose a photo Corrado Levi (Turin, 1936) who recreates the uniqueness of his way of working and crossing the arts. Corpses As traces, signs, and ghosts of a creative pluralism, sensitive to listening to differences and multilingualism that become opportunities and possibilities for an open and ongoing dialogue with the world and then morality, commitment and the choice of knowing where to be. Corpses Like rags, layers, and sex making hints and memories of worlds on the fringes, in the shadows, out of the spotlight in the hype of the media, the look wrapped up at any cost. Corpses Like profiles, graphics, verses and words searching for meanings that are ambiguous, open, and polluted. Corpses Like Beckett’s actors on stage of an absurd existence among bricks, ruins and bars.

Art by Corrado Levi

The artistic profession as an eternal building site, A temporary work area in which the daily construction of a powerful and layered imagination takes place. A sprawling curiosity that takes the form of the educator, painter, writer, architect and worker/builder who mixes and supports a temporary home in its constant and tireless remodeling and remodeling. non-stop progressBy syncretizing acute beliefs. Art, vision, society, the calm and deep breathing of the bird of prey and the diver without sparing himself in the areas of interest and trips‘, this is how Luca Massimo Barbero defines Levi’s artistic practice. A continuous work with the movement of everyday objects, with feelings, emotions, relationships and encounters that create a zone, a space made up of dependencies and offsets. Sometimes it is the sleight of writing By Corrado Levi Which appears on the workers’ toilet entrance wall next to the faded indicator Men inside an abandoned factory, a temporary exhibition site. Other times, you can feel the skin in the tattered clothes that the migrants abandoned on the rocks of Otranto. An artistic practice, is that of Corrado Levi, which lives in the moment of passion and ruin Like recurring character in color, A series of men’s silhouettes in different colors reminiscent of Eadweard Muybridge’s studies of movement or a bronze head covered with a bandage Oedipus. Knows Baby VenetianMade and designed with art“by Corrado Levi as an ability to”import into one’s work, between painting and installation, and between architecture and design, the formal proposals and universes of other authors, legends and associates, while showing the many possibilitiesEncounter, a deep connection with the history of the arts. “I call Schifano Schifano, Accardi Accardi, Boetti Boetti, de Pisis de Pisis, Twombly Twombly, and the paintings I paint as I cross Schifano Boetti …He asserts himself Diary here and there Corrado Levy.

Corrado Levy.  Corby (Elica, Milan 2021)
Corrado Levy. Corby (Elica, Milan 2021)

The book on Corrado Levi

They also appear in Damiano Giuli’s detailed biography Amin Corrado Levi’s activity Especially the basic and legendary performances Kangyanti At the PAC in Milan in 1986.”A distinctive image of the contemporary art scene characterized by the juxtaposition of works through tensions, concordances and contradictions, and the absence of hierarchies or periods of time. Unknown artists are placed side by side with other famous artists, where high and low culture fuse and distortDamiano Giuli comments. As further evidence of the encounters that permeate Levi’s artistic experience, it is worth noting that with Cinzia Ruggeri, the exceptional designer and artist fortunately in the process of rediscovering, an exhibition is taking place at the Macro in Rome. The encounter between Levi and Ruggeri dates back to the mid-’80s and takes the form of an impressive set of accessories, Jewelery handlers. It is, to take the words of Pepe Venetian, “Speech fragments about revisiting the artwork“.
Corpses It is an immersion into the world of Corrado Levi that emerges from the exchange of ideas and visions with Maria Villa and from the graphic exaltation of Leonardo Sognoli,”It’s like an entity living in space and time, wrath“.

Marco Petroni

Corrado Levy. Corpses
Elekta, Milan 2021
Pages 224, 32 euros
ISBN 9788892821309

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