The unprecedented alliance between Rai Cinema and Medusa, an open letter to the government to save “empty” cinemas.

Reclaiming the excitement of movie theaters on the big screen is not a romantic mantra. In reality it never was, but it is clear that for those who live far from the world of cinema that is meant to be a professional and productive sector, this phrase can only generate vintage flavours. The subject, on … Read more

The Other Half of Love: The Book, the Movie, the Marketing

We are used to finding books in the market that turn into movies after a while. Sometimes, with the advent of Netflix and all the new channels that have their own productions, times get shorter, and it happens that after a few days the book moves from the library to the TV. In case The … Read more

Simulation on Russian TV –

from Online Editing Russia’s Channel One showed a simulation of the devastation that nuclear weapons could cause to European cities. Moscow reiterates that it does not want a nuclear war, but Russian rhetoric has now framed this in Ukraine as a broader battle between Russia and the West. Since the beginning of the conflict Russian … Read more

What to do on May 1st in Turin, exhibitions: from Pompeii to author’s shots

A great Labor Day classic is to go and explore the museums in Turin, on May Day, on Sundays, which offer an unusual opening. In addition to the permanent collections, there will be an opportunity to admire the beauty of the numerous temporary exhibitions that offer imaginative journeys between the past and the present. Starting … Read more

“I have a partner for years, I fantasized about having a colleague and chatting with an old friend. What to do?” | Gramellini Heart Mail

from Massimo Gramellini “I’ve had a partner for 15 years: the bond is strong, but I have fantasies about a colleague and talking to an old friend.” Write to [email protected] This is the column of the publication The Heart edited by Massimo Gramellini «7». The 7 of Hearts is the card that indicates the second … Read more

fall among the men. The Life and Death of Guido Rossa by Sergio Lozzato Wins ITAS Mountain Book . Award

The winners of the ITAS Mountain Book Award have been announced at the 70th Trento Film Festival. Down among men won the 48th edition of the literary competition that celebrates the mountain in all its forms. The Life and Death of Guido Rossa by Sergio Lozzato. Other award winning books: Cervino. The legendary mountain by … Read more