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According to Vinicio Caposella, interviewed by Japanese Julia Ji in the documentary that tells the genesis of the party song par excellence, Bella Chow “It’s the lifesaver that runs in the face of deprivation of liberty, right, like an antibody helps us.”

Whether you consider it a world or partisan song, whether or not you know the complex history of its origins, whether you support the partisan version or that of the world, Bella Chow It is also popular culture. This is evidenced by these fifteen versions taken from the many existing ones, some historical, some very modern, some faithful to the original meaning and some decidedly comical.

When they asked Giovanna Marini, one of the custodians of the Italian folk song, to think of the many and strange versions of Bella Chow He replied, “It’s OK, the music is going, it’s flying quality.” He probably didn’t know that Steve Aoki or Becky G would do this again someday.

Inventing Tradition: The New Italian Canzoneri

Born out of the magazine of the same name that recalls Italian folk song from a socialist point of view, the band teleports across Italy in the mid-sixties a parade of Italian folk songs that take their name from Bella Chow. The song is translated here by Giovanna Davini who was Mondina and suggests it in Monden’s version. A discussion will follow as to which version was born first, if it were that of the Mondin or the revolutionaries, who wrote it, exactly when it was born, on the lineage.

Interpretation: Milva

Mileva retries Munden’s version (“In the morning, I just woke up or a beautiful bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye, in the morning as soon as I get up in the rice field, I must go”), a feminist and left wing in some way creates a link between class struggle and an anti-conscience for Fascism, and brings him to the world of the new Italian song. He also sang to her Canzonissima 1971, a video that was shot a lot after the singer’s death on April 23, 2021, two days before Liberation Day.

Inspiration: Giorgio Jaber

In the mid-sixties, Jaber proved that Bella Chowin the party version and its address here Hey beautiful helloIt was not a page of history, but a modern song that could be done masterfully.

Internationalization: Mercedes Sosa

Years before world music started talking, the great Mercedes Sosa did it again Bella Chow At a concert in Italy, in the years of exile from the Argentine dictatorship, a sign of international recognition for the piece that passed in the 1960s through the version, also in Italian, of Yves Montand and in the 1970s in the Norwegian version of Tramteatret, to name a few.

Fighting folk: Modena City Ramblers

In the ’90s, a new generation took over the piece. The rediscovery of Italian folklore in a political key gives way to a series of “combat” versions of the piece. Code of the city of Modena Ramblers. The Ramblers put in a few Pogues and a lot of rhythm.

Dramatic sadness: Anita Lin

After Anita Lynn’s death, Storm Made Woman, her 2001 album was re-released and rediscovered again sex clock which contains sad and sexy version of Bella Chow Almost whispered (in English). Here it is no longer a song of resistance, but a song of love.

The story that goes back: Giovanna Marini

On the Francesco de Gregory-paired album dedicated to restoring ancient folk songs, traditional singing ambassador Giovanna Marini revisits Monden’s version. After all, Marini was already there at the time of the performance of Nuovo Canzoniere Italiano. to her Bella Chow “It’s clearly a love song, a folk song that tells the story of a woman who kills herself for love.”

Genoa G8: Chumbawamba

In 2005 a group blowing Explore more grass roots with an album titled Singsong song and scrap The band on its cover is armed with a violin and a rifle. they Bella Chow A cappella is dedicated to Carlo Giuliani, who was killed during the Group of Eight in Genoa. In the end there is a part that is rich in Italian.

Japanese Hall: Tiki Tiki Bamboos

Bella Chow browse. The Tiki Tiki Bamboooos trio, playing the music of Jawaii, a fantasy island, have written a record that talks about secret places and fantasy places. Their version is practically useful, all based on the 60s on guitars and a basic vocal part, a little bit in Italian and a little in Japanese. Listen to it and you won’t be able to stop saying “parucizano.”

Revival: House of Cards

Self Bella Chow It is also known all over the world by new generations thanks to the Netflix series about the Spanish “ethical” thieves, who used it at different times and always in different arrangements. She was discovered by screenwriter Javier Gómez Santander at the university, thanks to an Italian student of Erasmus who played her at all parties, always listening to her in difficult moments. “I love the meaning of this song, and the struggle it brings with it,” he said. “One day I woke up from the idea of ​​the series that haunted me and decided to put it down. I understand that Bella Chow And paper house Share the soul. She shouted: We are supporters. Maybe he didn’t realize the effect that had had on Steve Aoki.

Zaragan: Steve Aoki and Marnick

A harmful side effect for anyone who binge-watches paper house. Steve Aoki’s version (along with Italian duo Marnick) is undoubtedly the most visited on the list, complete with an exaggerated Italo dance that at the time of its release was hailed as a form of sacrilege. Describing the video – which was attended by several Italian YouTubers – he talks about the “magic of music” and how it can “unite people from all over the world”.

Latin pop music: Becky G

As further evidence not only of the success, but also of the harm caused by the inclusion of Bella Chow at paper house There’s this Latin pop version of Becky B associated with the series.

Author’s Touch: Mark Ribot feat. Tom is waiting

To understand why giants like Tom Waits and Mark Repute play Bella Chow We must return to the United States of 2018, in the full Trump era, and to the controversy over his policies on immigrant children separated from their parents. During this period, reboot packages were Resistance songs 1942-2018It is a group of protest songs in which many artists participated. Among them was Tom Waits, who had chosen him himself Bella Chow He explained it with the usual massive density, wrapped in a slow and atmospheric arrangement. “Making a kind of political music today is a paradox,” Ribot said. “You have to act against something without changing yourself, without ending up like you hate it. But since the day Trump was elected, I knew I would not be silenced in the face of an orange loser dictator.”

Immigration: Marilyn Koontz and Leather

a Bella Chow Commentary and atmospheric, a naked and mysterious arrangement — inspired by another cover, that of Tom Waits and Mark Ribot — and the second whipping sound, again with Marilyn nearly a decade later. The song I write for you. The cover was launched to raise funds for the Foundation “Was the Wind – Artists for Riace” and to support the city of Riace “An Effective Model of Coexistence for People” where the video was also filmed. “It’s a song for freedom, a song for everyone,” said Cristiano Godano at the time. “It is not a matter of doing good, but of making the mind inclined to feelings of peace, of understanding others, and of seeking human solutions for all.”

Cultural Diversities: Enrico Gabriel

On Liberation Day 2021, Milan’s Anpi Division at Scala commissioned Enrico Gabrielli (Calibro 35, Winstons, 19’40”) to commission a suite for the Chamber Orchestra on the grounds Bella Chow It was initially envisioned as the theme song for Judd Lerner’s Show: 10 Variations of one of the most passionate musical themes of all time.

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